Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wow, it is Sunday again! Time for some more Fibro talk. Sometimes, well, most of the time, it feels like time just flies by. No wonder it is so hard to find time to take care of ourselves in our busy lives. I have found that it is important to take care of myself or my Fibro symptoms reappear. They don’t comeback full strength, but enough to remind me to get back on the program. What is my program you ask?
Well, here is what I believe is maintaining me at such a high functioning level. These are in no particular order.
• Having my marriage running smoothly, being loved and giving love is so wonderful! Sometimes this takes work, but it is worth it!
• Going with the flow and knowing that everything will work out OK, as it should. I like the saying “Let go and let God” which helps me with this
• Massage every week
• Bowenwork twice a month
• Self massage each morning-an Ayurvedic practice
• Chiropractic care every 2-3 months-both regular chiropractic and B.E.S.T.
• Cranial Sacral therapy has really loosed up my hips and it works on my mind too.
• Low or no caffeine
• Drink lots of water
• Reiki-ing myself –daily if I remember
• Good sleep- My memory foam mattress topper, sleeping with one pillow help with this
• Being with friends and family
• Praying, embracing God and this wonderful life He has given me!
• Being grateful for the abundance in my life
• Meditation
• Drumming and Shamanic practices
• Going in the healing chair at the Grandmother Drums Healing Circle in Yellow Springs
• Supplements-Malic acid, Magnesium, Hi-Active Tart Cherry and SAM-e are my top favorites
• Using crystals and essential oils
• Moderate activity, like gardening, walking, easy yoga
• Having someone come and mow the lawn and rake the leaves
• Using my hot flax pack if I have aches
• Keep your stress down. How to do this you ask? “Let go and let God”, deep breathe, meditate, feed & watch the birds, walk in nature, stop worrying, drum, have girlfriend time, be crafty
• Loving and being loved in return by my pets
• Volunteering-giving to others is so fulfilling
• Having time to read, both fun books and educational books

Sure, sometimes it is hard to keep all these things up. I am sharing this in the hopes that if even one of my ideas helps you that would be wonderful. Please share your things that work. We need to stick together and figure out ways to heal holistically.
My life is not perfect, but it is my life and I am happy in it. Keeping a positive attitude really helps me to get through the tough stuff. I send out love to my husband and all my family and friends. Thank you for all the love, support and understanding you shower me with!

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