Sunday, October 4, 2009

Drumming can help with Fibromyalgia!

This picture was taken at a really neat drumming event called 10 Billion Beats. This event started on September 18th in the Central Time Zone of the USA and then traveled around the world ending with our group in the western part of the Eastern Time Zone. We drummed on September 19 from 7-8 pm. We felt honored to end the 24 hours of drumming. This drumming was done to help change global consciousness and promote peace and harmony. Well, it definitely did this in our little piece of the world. I felt so filled with peace and harmony after. Then we watched the fire, talked, thought, and ate forbidden hot dogs and marshmallows and S'mores. Here is the website for 10 Billion

Last night I had Grandmother Drum Healing Circle, so the power of drumming is on my mind. I feel so good after drumming. It is a mix of feeling energized, relaxed, peaceful and in touch with my inner spirit. A drum beat is the first sound we hear in the womb, our mother’s heart beat. Being in a drum circle connects me with a primitive, ancient part of my soul. Studies have been done on what drumming does to the human body. What the studies showed was that the natural killer cells are increased and the cortisol levels were decreased in the body after drumming. Cortisol is a hormone that increases in your body with stress. Drumming can also boost your immune system and help with chronic pain. Here is an article online with a lot of good info about the health benefits of drumming.
Check it out!
A year ago my husband and I found a big, old, black, kettle drum from India at a second hand store. This drum started us on the healing path to drumming. That drum called me over and I played it. I mean I played it! It sounded good! I am not musical, on iota! When I played it, the drum spoke to a place deep inside me. This place started to come alive, to unshrivel. I was moved and excited and had to have that drum!
I always thought I was a white chick with NO rhythm. Well one year later I have discovered my inner drummer. I even drum on my leg in the car or on the steering wheel as I drive along.
We go to 3 different healing drum circles each month. I do drum at home too. It is just so, mentally and physically, to beat away on a drum. We have many drums now of all different kinds. They each have their own personality and magic.
I’ll share a little secret! There is no wrong way to play a drum! Play whatever comes out of you. It is a freeing, empowering and joyful experience!
Around this time last year, I also found my wonderful holistic MD, Dr. Jonas. He says that drumming resets our crystal set. He believes that the human body is like a crystal set in a radio and it can get out of balance. Drumming resets this crystal set. He actually drums over his patients at the office and the hospital and the nurses at the hospital. How cool is that? One time at an office visit, Dr. Jonas drummed over my lower back, which was tight. The drum vibrations loosened my back and when my back loosened up the drum tone changed.
I know drumming has changed my life and how my body deals with my fibromyalgia. I can’t tell you how it works, but I can tell you THAT IT DOES WORK! Plus, if you join a drum circle you will find new friends that offer LOTS of love and positive energy. So far, I have never met a drummer I didn’t like!
Are you interested in finding a healing drum circle in your area? Do a Google search. That is how I found our first drum circle. If you live in the Dayton Ohio, area I can hook you up with a drum circle.


smilinggreenmom said...

Wow this is amazing! I have never heard of anything like it but it sure does make sense. That we lived in our mother's womb for 9 months listening to her heart...of course! I am so glad for you that it has helped so much. I plan on sending my sister in law to your site to read this as she has dealt with fibro issues for quite some time. Just recently though, I let her try some of my favorite all natural pain cream called Topricin and she said it did help her and she likes it now too! It is good stuff for aches, pains and inflammation and I am thrilled for her. She also gets massages, but with money being so tight- I am not sure she can afford this. Anyway, thanks for sharing your journey!

Lindsay said...

Love this post Mom! You look great in your picture too :)

Karen said...

Smilinggreenmom, I am glad you found my blog and that you want to share it with your sis-in-law. I am going to look at the Topricin cream. We can learn soooooo much from others. Thank you for sharing!

Karen said...

Miss Lindsay Lea! Thank you for reading my blog and making such nice comments! I sure love you!