Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chiiropractic Care

painting by Lucianne Lassalle,

In the spring of this year I just knew I should go to the chiropractor. I found a local one, Dr. Clark, online and booked an appointment. He did a big assessment of my range of motion and my spine. He felt I wasn’t really in too bad shape. What I liked about him was the way he does electrical stimulation (e-stim) therapy with a warm pack on your back before he adjusts you. Then after the adjustments he has a massage therapist do a quick back massage. I felt well taken care of. I went once a week a couple of times, then every other week, then once a month and now I go every 2 months. I know I can go back if I need to before the 2 months are up. There is something that feels so good as my vertebrae pop back in line. The neck adjustment is a wee bit intimidating with those two loud “cracks” that sound so close to my ears. The doctor always says, “OK, relax now,” as he grabs my head and twists it. Relax, hah! Relaxing during that part can be hard for me to do! I do like the part I call the mermaid. For this adjustment the lower half of the table goes up and down and your legs go up and down too and it moves your lower spine. This maneuver opens up the spaces between the vertebrae, so the disks don’t get compressed. I figure it will help keep my back in good shape.
I have a lot less (really none most of the time) backache in my lower and middle back since I restarted chiropractic care. I hadn’t seen a chiropractor for at least 3 years.
If you start going to a chiropractor expect that your back muscles may feel sore at first. I was sore and my wonderful flax seed blanket helped with that. I made this flax seed blanket by filling a soft, flannel pillow sham with flax seed and sewing squares into the sham, so that the flax seeds are distributed evenly through out the “blanket”. It has a nice weight to it and ahhhh, the warmth after zapping it in the microwave for 4 minutes is so cozy. The flax seeds also impart a moist heat. I love the way the heat soaks into my muscles and bones. If you want a cold pack the “blanket” can go in the freezer too. So it is actually a hot/cold pack.
If your insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care, be sure to ask how much a visit will be. In our area it ranges between $30-$35. Chiropractic care is part of the holistic regimen I have developed that helps me manage my Fibromyalgia. I also go to another chiropractor, Dr. Brenda Borst in Yellow Springs and she treats me with B.E.S.T. See my post on June 8, 2009 for a long post about B.E.S.T. This type of therapy does not involve physical manipulations, which might be more comfortable for some with Fibromyalgia.
It is a tricky journey finding what works for you. There is a lot of trial and error and really paying attention to your body. Don’t give up! There are ways to heal yourself without drugs!
Sending you blessings and love….

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