Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall in Ohio

I don't know what to tell you about today! Leave me comments if you have any ideas!! I am doing so well I have trouble remembering back, or maybe I don't want to.
In a nutshell what I believe is keeping me functioning so well is this: weekly massage, supplements, good sleep, low caffeine, meditation, daily self-massage, a wonderful support system, believing in God and also my attitude.
I have to say life is good! Believe it can be for you too. You need to find your own path and what works for you. I am very anti-prescription drugs. As a nurse I have seen way too much poly pharmacy going on. What ends up happening too, is the patient takes one drug and then needs another drug to combat the side effects of the first drug ans so on. Plus, the damage the drugs can do to the body overtime is not good. So for me the path I chose did not include prescription drugs. I admit though the first Lyrica commercial I saw made me excited. Not because I was going to take Lyrica, but because Fibromyalgia was finally being recognized as REAL by the medical community!
I send you all positive energy and love....

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