Friday, March 19, 2010

From Chet Day...

The Five Finger Deep Relaxation Method
This is one of my favorite techniques for dealing with stress.

I promise after you try it that it's going to be one of yours, too!

Here we go. Try it right now...

Close your eyes, take several deep breaths, and relax.

Now, touch your thumb to your index finger. As you do, think of a time when you felt an exhilarated, healthy physical or mental fatigue such as from jogging or skiing or from successfully completing an important project.

Next, touch your thumb to your middle finger. As you do, think of a time when you had a loving experience.

Now, touch your thumb to your ring finger. As you do, think about one of your successes in life or valued praise that you received.

Finally, touch your thumb to your little finger. As you do, visualize the most beautiful and relaxing place that you have ever been (or make up such a place if you want). Allow yourself to stay in that place for awhile.
If this exercise doesn't significantly relax you, then you've probably stopped breathing and gone to heaven!

Something that helps me stay well is not getting stressed out! Ha! you are probably thinking. The above exercise may be helpful. I also meditate each day.


Hope L said...

Some days you may find me just sitting in a chair, touching my 4 fingers with my thumb repeatedly... LOL!
Thanks for sharing...this is something wonderful that people can do anywhere...
Love ya sistah!!

Karen said...

I can see you sitting there doing this meditation. Better than banging your head against the desk!
Love you!