Monday, February 1, 2010

photo from the Daily OM

Wisdom is, finding the balance between head and heart, upper chakras and lower chakras, earth and sky, masculine and feminine, joy and sorrow, yin and yang, energy and rest, human and divine, cosmos and psyche."
~Matthew Fox

I am back from a wonderful trip to Pennsylvania to reconnect with my long lost childhood friend, Julie. A few of the miracles that occurred were, I rode a horse for an hour trail ride in 19 degree temps for an hour and I felt only a little bit sore afterwards, I drove 7.5 hours each way and I wasn't even very stiff when I got out of the car, I slept in a strange bed fine(slept being the key word here) and best of all my friend and I picked up like we had never grown apart. Life is good!!!


Don said...

Wow this is really great! I feel stiff after even an hour in the car and I still can't ride a horse. I hope I will be able to soon.

Karen said...

Don, I used to be like that! I would get out of the car and hobble and unstiffen myself like I was 90 years old! Somedays after doing errands for an hour I would be so exhausted I had to sit in the car for 15 minutes to get my energy up to walk into the house. I believe that everyone can find their way to living life again using holistic ways if they REALLY want to heal. I found my way alone, the doctors really had nothing to offer me. Sending you positive thoughts and enegy!