Monday, February 8, 2010


"There are no little events in life, those I think of no consequence may be full of fate,
and it is at my own risk if I neglect the acquaintances and opportunities that seem to be casually offered, and of small importance."
~Amelia E. Barr

Today's Affirmation
My mind and heart are open and receptive.

Today's Meditation

Dear God, Mother, Father, Spirit,
It is easy to see how or where I missed an opportunity.
A job that was offered and declined or a casual remark that was not recognized for the possibility it contained.
Perhaps I overlooked a detail or failed to follow up on something I thought was insignificant that turned out to be pivotal.
Often, I held so tightly to my image of how things "should" be that I missed the wonder that was in front of me.
If I focus at what I think might have been; I sacrifice here and now.
So, I release the past and whatever thoughts I hold of missing anything.
I am in the perfect place at the absolutely perfect time for me.
I have learned to learn.
I have learned to be open and receptive.
I have learned to be watchful; knowing that the flow of divine ideas never stops.
I have come to believe that You are not finished with me yet.
I feel Your presence pouring into and through me as I open myself completely and surrender.
In the sweet communion of silence, I spread my heart and mind like a canvas and wait to see what picture emerges from Your brush strokes.
I am aware of the masterpiece that You are creating in me now.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

Love the pic! What are they looking at??

Karen said...

Birdies! Yum yum!