Monday, August 24, 2009

The Body Memory Process

The Body Memory Process. What is it? It is a way to heal yourself by changing previously selected belief patterns. A man named David William Sohn developed this process. He believes that we develop vows starting when we are in the womb until we are about 5 years old. These vows end up showing up in our body as disease, pain or emotional issues. David has written a book called Escaping the Labyrinth: Body Memory - The Secret Code that Creates, Sustains and Can Unlock Our Chains . This book can help you figure out how to do the BMP if you aren't fortunate enough to have a session with David Sohn. A session with David is amazing, such a blend of inner examination, discovery and his psychic abilities. This session finds your disavows. These disavows address the physical part of your disease. David feels "that we can hold onto something so tight that our body can't let go of it." For example he believes that all cancer is unresolved anger and more specifically prostate cancer is anger at a father figure. I believe this because two men I know who have prostate cancer had issues with their fathers. Doing the disavows takes care of the physical part of the process. Each day, at least twice a day, I said my disavows. By saying disavows it neutralizes those vows you learned while in the womb and up until you are 5 years old. This part takes 3 months of saying the disavows. Some examples of my disavows were:
"I disavow I'm not the one she wants"
"I disavow she does not care about me"
"I disavow it is all my fault"
I am adopted, so these were vows that I picked up while I was in my birth mother's womb. These were things she was thinking and feeling during her pregnancy.

A COMMENT...THIS PROCESS TAKES TIME. BUT IT IS WORTH IT. As David said,"We have been collecting garbage for years, it takes months to go away".

Next is the forgiveness component. This addresses the spiritual part of the process. By doing forgivenesses it allows us to get our spiritual energy back. As David said, "it won't affect the person you are forgiving, just you." So the way this part works is, I had to write 70 times for 70 days this sentence, "I, Karen, completely forgive_______________". Then at the end of the 7 days I burned the papers. Burning the pages purifies the the energy and releases it back into the universe, according to David. This may sound gruesome but it wasn't bad. What happened as I wrote the forgivenesses was memories, images and thoughts of the person flitted through my mind. Oh, yes, you have to write the forgivesses because your energy changes as you write. No typing it on the computer and cut and pasting it. I thought of that! This really did help me. I forgave my ex husband first and he called me 2 days after I had finished forgiving him. I had such a sense of peace as we talked and he tried to push my buttons and get me upset. I felt very empowered!
The third part is doing an affirmation. This addresses the mental part of the process.
David had me start with this affirmation,"people love me just the way I am". At first I couldn't even remember that line. How this works is each day you read the affirmation and then just write down everything that you think about that statement. This is all the stuff your brain is thinking about why your brain believes this statement isn't true. One affirmation can take up to 6 months to complete. You are done with that affirmation when you no longer have an opinion.

After my session with David I felt much more enlightened and ready to commit to the whole Body Memory Process. He said an interesting thing that made sense. My pain is caused by my inner child wanting attention. He said, "your inner child is running around with a hammer banging around inside you causing pain". This statement really made sense to me. I have been feeling much better as I started to take care of me. Examples, massages, Bowen, less stress. For so many years I was a single mom taking care of my daughters first, with little time or money for me.
I have been done with my BMP for 2 months now and most days I have no pain!!! Woo hoo! A bunch of baggage has been unloaded. It is very freeing! What I do notice is, if I am stressed out a few old aches and pains do pop up to say "hi". But hey, that is okay. Manage my stress and I am back to painfree!
Here is David Sohn's website if you want more info:


Anonymous said...

It's so great that you are sharing your experiences! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!-Kim

Karen said...

Can't wait to see you too! Has it been a month at least? LOL, it seems like it!

Kat said...

Thank you for sharing your experience of the Body Memory Process! David has a new web site with ".com" now, not ".org" - and there will be many new features coming online soon about his work!