Saturday, April 18, 2009

Supplements I am on and some I have tried...

Today I am going to share the supplements I have tried and currently do take. Pretty much from the beginning, when I realized I was going to have to heal myself, I was on the hunt for any ideas that might help me feel better. The internet and Google and friends and family have proved invaluable. Here is the list of what supplements I am on now. I am not on any prescription drugs. I realize that these are chemicals, but my personal view is that they are at least based on a natural element or something found in our bodies.

Daily dosages. I take pills 3 times a day.

C-2500 mg
Calcium- 600 mg
Vitamin D- 2000 mg
Zinc-50 mg
E-400 IU
Magnesium-2000 mg
Potassium -99 mg
B complex 125
Folic Acid- 800 mg
Biotin-5 mg
TMG(Trimethyglycine)-1000 mg
Kelp- 225 mcg
Copper- 2 mg
Chromium picolinate-200 mcg
Cinnamon-750 mg
Malic Acid -1200 mg
Selenium-200 mcg
Resveratrol- 5 mg
Active Tart Cherries
Niacin-500 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid-100 mg
Omega 3 fish oil -2000mg
Bromelain-100 mg
Lecithin- 1200 mg
L-lysine - 500 mg
Turmeric-720 mg
Cinnamon-500 mg
Co-Enzyme Q100 mg
Grape seed extract/pine bark/green tea

I am sure there are some supplements that I could stop, I just don't know which ones. I feel like I have a special formula I have figured out. In the study of herbology you are suppose to take away something if you add a new thing. I asked Dr. Jonas what I could take away and he went through my list and didn't find anything. I found Swanson Vitamins, they have been around since 1969 and have the best prices. Their website is They have just about everything I ever found I wanted to try. Also if you want to look up what each supplement is helpful for the Swanson Vitamin site has good info for that.

If I had to pick only a few supplements for my Fibro these are what I know helps me:
Active Tart Cherries
Malic Acid
Grape seed/pine bark/green tea extracts

The other supplements are just good for me, and I take lots of antioxidants. A neat antioxidant story. Before I moved to Ohio my NH optometrist said I have "old eyes", she meant I have the eyes of a 50 year old, when it first showed up I was in my 30s. She said I would need to have cataract surgery in my 50s. I asked my optometrist what I could do to reverse this. She said take antioxidants, like A, C, E and Zinc. I didn't take vitamins religiously back then, so I didn't bother. Well I had my check up last spring and my "old eyes" were gone. Thank you antioxidants! I used to take Beta Carotene (Vitamin A family), but stopped taking it when I heard it could cause lung cancer. Here is a link about that. It is an ever evolving process, finding what supplement work. I wish you luck on this journey.

I have heard that Krill Fish Oil is good for Fibro, so when my current fish oil is gone I'm going to order that. I am hoping Swanson will have it on sale when I need to order.
My massage therapist, Kim Elkins, had a Fibromyalgia DVD and it recommended taking huge amounts of magnesium. I ran it by Dr. Jonas and he had just read some research that you shouldn't take over 2000 mg a day. So I am going with that. It is wonderful to have a doctor I trust on my team! The doctors I had previously said that supplements were a waste of money. One even cleverly said that " I was pissing away my money!" Ha ha!

Supplements I have tried and didn't continue because I know they didn't help. I know because I ran out of them and felt the same.

Hyaluronic Acid

It is always good to run your supplements by your own doctor before you start. I hope you have or find a doctor as WONDERFUL as Dr. Jonas.

Blessings and joy to you all!

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